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Another odd thing... He was using a sling +0,+0 and found a short bow +4, +3 (or similar), then sold it or dropped it, rather than restocking with arrows rather than pebbles and shots when back in town. This was a warrior with 18+ STR, so weight couldn't have been an issue, but the missiles would have been lighter anyway.

I seem to have a problem with my borgs starving. I have had two starve to death of 6 or so deaths recently. Last night I watched him try to find his way out of level 5 (with no WoR) and go from about 9 rations to 5, which is where I stepped in. Sometimes he has odd search behavior... If I were the borg, I would search on and next to doors and at the end of hallways. However, he tends to search mid-hallway almost more than end-hallway.

As I see odd things, I will report them, if anyone is interested. On Windows 7, I can keep my mouse on my secondary montiro, wait 1 minute for hte screensaver to come up, and watch while I work on my secondary monitor. For some reason, the actual Angband 3.0.9 will not run the borg.
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