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Obviously, if these are just *options* then one can turn them on or off at one's leisure. Comments are directed to making them default or even mandatory.

Home-less would just seem to require more extended scumming prior to the final confrontations, and would make it much harder to adjust one's equipment set. Neither of these seems like they're any fun.

No ID is just plain tedious.

No selling to about, instead, greatly reducing the max $$$ one gets from anything? Make all stores give no more than 1000 gp. This lets you get *some* cash for Recalls and CCWs and spellbooks early on.

Decreasing monster XP based on count, as well as charlevel, would work better than a flat "no more after the first 10." This would be *ugly* tho with the damned hounds; now, they still threaten to kill you but you don't get a damn thing from them. Orc/troll pits become, at most, item drop areas.

I think "only regen when no enemies in sight" is a BAD idea. Why does it only work then? Makes no sense to me.

Having monsters never flee, would be nasty. Another one, perhaps a bit more complex, would be to give a lot of monsters a BERSERKER flag. When they drop to below, say, 25% of their max hit points, they gain benefits similar to the potion of berserker str. The option would be to Enable Berserk, or something along those lines.
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