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This one is a little long, hopefully it's not too much! I've taken to bolding the level breaks because of the extra paragraphs.

CL26 DL33
When recall kicks in, I'm 20 SP shy of full. RMon shows an Ooze elemental, a dark elven lord, and 5 vibration hounds to the south. The hounds make this possibly a region to avoid. 5 hounds are probably ok, but if there's more right outside my detection range, they could be trouble.

There’s a young gold dragon and a group of half orcs to the north and east (kill) and novice warriors to the west (kill). –dobj show’s Khomeini’s Rod to the southeast, I might try to pick that up also, if it's easy enough. The young gold drops a Kamerlingh-Onnes staff which gets ID’d as CLW (squelch). Khomeini's rod was trivial to get and is Illumination (squelch).

On to the halforcs. The orcs drop a Mozarty ring, wielded (Telep, squelch) and two weapons which are not splendid so not worth worrying about. Standing in the corner of the room I –dobj nothing worth getting, and head back towards the line of novice warriors. On the way I RMon Azog and 8 cave orcs to the north. He’s probably worth killing too, so I’ll get him after the warriors.

One of the warriors drops a new Callipygous potion, ooh! I’m not injured and I want to know if it’s !heal, so I ID it instead of quaffing. Alas, it’s !Neut Poison (squelch). A Haydenesque ring they drop gets wielded and is auto-ID’d as flames. An Orwellian ring does not get Auto-ID’d on wield so I ID it and it’s resist cold (squelch). The flames ring is worth selling and so is another =Escaping. Now to go off in search of Azog.

On the way DVis shows that the Vibration hounds are finally headed in my direction, so I need to be careful lest they find me. Azog drops some arrows and a non-splendid scale mail. Again I’m low on SP and there are no stairs nearby, so I’ll recall to town and back. I don’t mind this as I still have yet to find any !statgain.

CL26 town
I sell the =flames and the =escaping, I buy a –polymorph from the BM to learn flavor (Hypnotically Hyperbolizing, squelch) and a !Rwis from the Alchemist (Hermitian) But there's nothing else that I want.

CL26 DL33
I return once again a bit shy of full SP. There's a downstairs in this room, but I'd like to see if there's anything to get or kill. Rmon shows Ariel to the east, (OoD, definitely avoid, instant death). Ibun, a hell hound and some other weaklings in what I’m guessing is a 2x2 room. 2x2 rooms are the moated rooms with 4 smaller rooms, these rooms are usually very dangerous and are almost always to be avoided.

–Dobj shows !rmana near where Ibun is. I guess I can get this. 17 acid bolts are what it takes to kill Ibun. He drops a broad axe which I’m too weak to wield. However, I don’t mind lugging it around at all, because it's the first splendid weapon I've found. It’s a +1 westernesse, and will give me much needed SInv.

My -19 to-hit seems pretty spectacular I must say. The axe is so heavy that I’m slowed down to -9, but I’d rather have the SInv, so I'll deal with the burden. I TO the hellhound, and head back to the down stairs that were in my starting room. I rest to full and descend again.

CL26 DL34
I land in a corridor next to a door. Yet another superb feeling level, shame level feelings don’t actually mean anything. Or maybe it does this time, RMon shows a 'rock hard' vault very close by. The rock hard vault is the triangular one with the two single compartments in the souther corners.

There’s a beholder in one of the single rooms and shagrat in the other. In the middle is a werewolf, a wolf chieftan, a colbran and a bunch of blink dogs. Dangerous for sure but not impossible, especially with hasted +20 speed. However, -dobj shows absolutely nothing I want in the vault. There’s some heavy armor and heavy weapons and PB5 and an unknown scroll, but that’s it. There is one soft leather armor but it’s not in one of the key spots for splendid items. Therefore, it’s unlikely to be anything worthwhile, I decide to leave the vault be.

There are some down stairs nearby, but RMon shows a group of cave orcs. Further north there are cave ogres in a treasure room with a basilisk. The basilisk is very dangerous with his poison breath and my low HP, but he can't one shot me with poison breath (barely). There's also a water vortex around in the vicinity that I should be mindful of.

I head towards the cave orcs but the path leads me below them, I get a ‘it breathes acid’ as I'm approaching a room, and I think the water vortex has found me. However, it’s a largish pack of water hounds, that were outside my detection radius when I last detected. Some frost balls thrown into the room kills the pack, and I rest to full. There are some algroths in the room that the water hounds were camping out in, and I want to kill them also.

Meanwhile the cave orcs have awoken and are filing down towards me. I kill the algroths but they drop nothing. The cave orcs can’t get to me either, looks like I’m going to have to phase over their way. First attempt gets me there. I first kill the water vortex in their midst for CLevel 27.

I learn haste self and fireball, the fail rate for fireball is very high though, so I don’t see myself casting that much yet. I StM a hole in the treasure room and get 5 Fire bolts off before the basilisk breathes. By that point the poison only does 37 damage. The cave ogres drop a wicker shield of Racid which I swap for my equally useless wicker shield of Rcold, and what turns out to be a glaive of frost. Low on SP, it’s recall time.

CL27 town
I buy and squelch a _slow monsters from BM (schwarzschild) and buy and keep a –acid balls (abstrusely abstricting). Nothing else that I want, so back I go, this time full on SP, oh my.

CL27 DL34
RMon shows brodda and a mature white. I want to kill both. Brodda dies first and he drops the battle axe of Mogrome which I am also too weak to wield. It gives +2 Int and Con so it would be an upgrade to my Westernesse if it had SInv, which it doesn’t. It has rfear and rshards, but I don’t care about those too much. It’s definitely something to save for later though. The mature white drops only gold. Rmon in its room shows Mughash and a fairly large escort, so I head off in their general direction.

I kill all of the kobolds, but don't find anything interesting in the loot. It’s time to return for no other reason than to drop off the heavy battle axe, so I do that.

CL27 town
I have to pick up ?WoR from home, because I've bought out the alchemist and the general store. I’ll be careful to let a restock go before returning to town again.

CL27 DL34
I land in a dark room with a Kafkaesque ring nearby. RMon shows a mature white to my left. There’s a colbran in the way which I will TO. To the right is a 4-headed hydra and a ghost. –dobj show’s an unid’d Brahmsian ring to the west, but I’m not going to go out of my way for unid’d rings at this shallow depth since I already know =Int.

The Kafkaesque ring doesn’t ID on wield, so I cast ID (soulkeeping, squelch). The exit in the room is going the opposite way that I want to go, so I phase on the other side, noticing that there are doors not too far away. After two attempts I’m across the gap. I TO the colbran and kill the mature white, (both are in a pillared room).

This dragon had some stuff on him. I’m wounded so I can test-use the unID’d potion (!Int, woo) Another staff of teleport, which I don’t want because of burden. Another brahmsian ring that winds up being =Con (+1), which I leave. A bathetically banjaxing wand of frost bolts (leave) and a scroll that I ID as curse weapon. There’s a stairs in this room, so I take them down.

CL27 DL35
I land in a room with a ton of fire hounds, so I read ?teleport rather than risk the 1% fail of the spell. This lands me in a much safer corridor.

RMon shows a mature blue to the south and a young black and young red further off. –dobj shows a new wand and not much else. The blue dragon’s drop is weak, but a blue ooze drops a new staff (Rayleigh) which I ID as mapping. I use it once and leave it on the ground.

I hear a door burst open but the only thing awake is a nexus vortex far to my south. Nexus is weaker in my adapted version because stat swap is changed to +1/-1, instead of a full swap of stats. Still though, teleport away is an extremely powerful enemy attack that gives a chance at death, so I’ll want to avoid it. The vortex looks cut off from me though, so I’m not concerned right now, I'll just have to cast dvis a little more often.

The young black drops nothing of use and neither does the Angel it shared the room with, but there is a randart Halberd here. IDing it shows it is pretty weak. It does have regen though, so I’ll use it when resting for now, and then drop it off at home. The young red drops a helm that has +1 Int, but my current hat is better so I leave it there.

Digging through rubble discovers a Faurean ring of Dex, which I squelch. I get to the new wand and test it, it’s a gastronomically galavanting wand of lightning bolts, and it also gets squelched. I kill some more monsters getting nothing for my troubles. I can’t recall yet, because the town hasn’t restocked, so downstairs I go.

CL27 DL36
I wake up in one section of a 2x2 room. There’s a mage and two algroths in sight. Rmon shows a load of trolls and the queen ant. –dobj shows a new rod, a new scroll, and nothing else. I kill the algroths to pick up the Xerxes’s rod. It’s –light (finally)

Rods of light get autoinscribed @z1, showing the importance I place on them. However, I usually pick them up much earlier in the game. With my 190 SP, casting spear of light isn’t too much of a problem. Nevertheless, I'll hold onto the rod for now.

The forest trolls in the chamber below drop a !enlight which I immediately quaff. There are two unid’d amulets in another 2x2 room to the north. This is worth checking out. I leave the ants and the water trolls in the other chambers resting and go off in search of the amulets. I bump into angamite on the way. Acid bolts kill him but I have to use 1 !CCW when he confuses me. He drops a quarterstaff of westernesse (also +1). It’s lighter than my axe, but amazingly still too heavy to wield. It’ll be my weapon for now.

The other 2x2 room has a mature gold and an emperor wight. I need to be careful about the wight as it has two attacks that can almost, but not quite, kill me. The cause wounds spell, and the nether bolt. The mature gold is in the room with the amulets, so I haste self and attack it with acid bolts. It gives me CLevel 28, and I immediately heal myself to full, need to stay at full health unless the wight comes knocking.

Something opens up a door below in the chamber with the wight. It’s an illusionist though. The wight is still slumbering. I check out the amulets while waiting for the illusionist. The Matisse amulet is Inertia (squelch) The Lichtenstein amulet is searching (squelch). Drat, I was still hoping for “regen.

It turns out that what I thought was an illusionist was actually a demonologist. Acid bolts kill him before he can summon and he drops a new potion (ignominious). I ID it as Healing.

I leave and the Emperor Wight comes at me. I drop it to 2 stars before it decide to nether bolt me leaving me at 29 HP. I'm in the west side of the moat and I calculate that a phase has a negligible chance of landing me in LOS so I read ?phase and it drops me back into the chamber that I started in. I quaff !CCW and wait for its return. It’s not coming because it failed its path-finding algorithm.

I have to go to it, but a druid joins me in the moat. It gets killed with 2 acid bolts but not before its fire bolt kills a copy of my MB2. Finally I lure the Emperor Wight back into my temporary home and kill it. It drops a new Perpendicular potion for my struggle which I happily ID. (Rcon, ugh). It’s time to leave this level. I recall.

CL28 Town
I sell the axe of Westernesse and drop the Halberd off at home. I buy a !Int from the BM. I also by a Rousseauan ring of light which I squelch. There are no MB2s available in the magic shop. But I’m able to fully stock my depleted supply of !CCW. Not much else to do here, time to recall after making another dump.
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