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CL30 DL41
I land in the middle of empty dark room. Rmon shows an ice elemental in the room with me, Boldor and escort to the northwest, queen ant and escort to the south and a bunch of araneas to the east. There's a downstairs near boldor and another one closer to me. Ėdobj shows nothing I want. The room exits are only to the east and south, directions I didnít want to go, I try standing in the northwest corner and phasing a couple times, but no luck.

I decide to take the westernmost southern door, and am delighted that the path brings me in the direction I want to go (around the room to the north and west, towards Boldor). Another Rmon shows an Ancient red north of boldor, and Uvatha and some other monsters in a 2x2 room. The ancient red Iíd like to kill. Uvatha, I'll half-heartedly avoid for now.

I phase into the room with Boldor and kill him with frost balls. He drops MB5, which I no longer need. Another yeek drops a Zolaesque ring (slaying, squelched). I also ID and squelch the curse armor scroll that I find.

DVis shows Uvatha has awakened. Uvatha has no ranged attacks, and while the 1800 HP is high, I have enough firepower to overcome him. Uvatha dies to a flurry of acid bolts dropping PB6 and giving me CL31. After the battle I rest to full. I phase into the room with the dragon and kill it and a lich, getting me another wand of cold balls, but costing me 2 !CCW to clear conf and blindness.

Uvatha started out in a treasure room, and there are down stairs there, so I head back, rest, deal with a room full of lice, and descend.

CL31 DL42
It's always lucky when you start in a corridor, like on this level. It's less lucky when RMon tells you that you're in the moat of a 2x2 room. However, this time there are a lot of monsters that I want to kill here, and not much danger. The only item around is armor.

One thing I donít want to mess with are the fire ants, but one comes out and burns an MB1 with the one hit it gets on me. After killing the denizens of the 2x2 rooms (to no gain) and checking out the useless armor, I head south.

Thereís an OoD Marilith here. I kind of want to fight it, but will have to bail if it summons other demons. After resting, I manage to kill it before it can summon, and pick up a ball and chain of *slay evil* which I donít care to carry with me. Iím in the far southeast corner of the map. To the north is the 2x2 room I started in, and beyond that a jelly pit. But I take another path to the east instead.

Thereís a patriarch to worry about, but nothing else besides him. My path leads me to the patriarch, and he drops a !speed and a splendid weapon that I donít care about. I detect a stairs nearby, but also an Ancient Blue which I want to kill. Phasing across a gap to the ancient blue proves exceedingly difficult despite that I know itís possible because I see some copper lying not too far away. After about 10 attempts I give up and go back to the stairs and descend.

CL31 DL43
I land in a room with a mature multi-hued and a disenchanter bat. I kill the bat and then Rmon and see an ancient multi-hued to the north. That is dangerous and I want nothing to do with it. Dstairs shows downstairs right by the dragon, but I would prefer to head a different direction if possible.

I cast resistance and haste and kill the mature multi-hued with explosions. He drops 6 !CCW and a new scroll (dispel undead) I donít bother with it. The staves are ok, but the scrolls are useless unless you get stacks of them, which, of course, is impossible. I check to make sure the AMHD is still asleep (it is) and then choose the east exit over the west for no particular reason (-dobj showed nothing I want).

I explosion-kill an acidic cytoplasm, although it gets a hit on me damaging nothing. Rmon shows that a pack of gravity hounds are not to far from me. Uh-oh. Iíd destruct them but I canít get the whole pack, and would rather not give a path for 5 or 6 of them to get to me. Iím hemmed in between the hounds and the AMHD at this point. TOing the AMHD to get to the stairs seems better than recalling so I haste, resist, and head in its general direction. I successfully get to it before it awakens, TO it, rest, and still hasted, take the stairs down.

CL31 DL44
I land in a dark room that I share with a blue jelly. Rmon shows a pack of energy hounds nearby and a troll pit to the northeast. I want to take out the troll pit, but I have to go through the energy hounds first. I activate my shield and kill them as they enter the room I started in.

The trolls meet me halfway to the pit and I note a new Incorrigible potion nearby. I have to rest halfway through the pit. I also use my wand of cold balls agains the eldrak who was the pit leader. it drops a !Chr which I drink. I make my way to the incorrigible potion (*healing*) which I will drop off at home. Another eldrak, from outside the pit appears along with a patriarch as I'm mopping up the pit remainders, and I empty my frost ball wand on them. One of the trolls drops Bolivarís rod and I zap the next troll to exit the pit with it. (fire bolts, squelch). A new scroll that the trolls drop IDs as TL, and I happily snatch that. It getís autoinscribed with !*. I kill the last of the troll pit, saddened by the 0 stat-gain but happy about the ?TL and decide to recall to drop off the *healing* and rest for SP.

CL31 town
The BM has some new items. I buy a =SI for flavor (Thoreauan), a staff of dispel evil for pit clearing (Lorentz), and a Ėdragonís frost for damaging (Pharasaically Phagocytizing). I also drop off the ?*destruction* at home, now that I have the ?TL and the staff for escapes. Lastly I buy a backup MB1, and recall, returning to the dungeon at 245/249 SP.

no more posts this weekend. Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far.
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