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Originally Posted by diggerB View Post
I'm a CL26 Ranger, just got my ID spell - so I'm spending a lot of time resting up for ID... one full lamp isn't enough to completely scour a "good" level.
Maybe I'm crazy but I don't even carry books 2-4. I am running a ranger right now (3.1.2v2) at dl40, cl30. I've never won with a ranger but my first win was with a rogue and I only carried 1, 5, and 7 until the very end and I imagine I'll do the same here. When I was willing to use !restoreMana I carried mb2-4, but for me that was only in the final two fights. Until then I preferred mana-free sources of ID, stone to mud, haste, teleport, and teleport other.

Oh and always cast light to rest. Or rest behind closed doors with always disturb. Or both. Stay away from the dark. I carry rods of light and use them compulsively.
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