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The converse is also missing: given @'s AC, what's the percent chance that the monster will hit him? IOW, what's the effect of an AC bonus going to be?

Beyond that: the whole good/great blows system is obscured. You know you get them, but not their impact.

But, I think the simplest and most natural/logical first step is to include the chances to hit (BOTH of them...melee and ranged) and to be hit, in the monster memory. At the character screen, I'd also like to see chances to hit 2 or 3 set ACs, because the character screen's what people check when considering equipment shifts.

I'm beginning to think that we want a separate character combat statistics screen. The C screen's "page 2" is resistances; perhaps a "page 3" for combat statistics. Based on current equipment:

--percent chances to hit various target ACs
--damage per blow that hits
--damage per turn (== 100 energy units), which incorporates the percent chances, AND if we're really going for it, the percent chances for good/great hits.

On a separate screen or subscreen like this, we could have perhaps as many as 5 AC values (representing very low, low, medium, high, very high) that we use, and monster memory could start by reporting the monster AC category. I'm not sure we want to give exact AC values (or only do so after extensive experience) but a general indicator like this, would let the player make more sound decisions.

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