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thx again for your help, everyone!

at the moment i have 2 issues (maybe i have many more, but these are the ones i can see )

like timo said, i have no permanent source of poison resistance. but as i haven't found any ring of poison resistance yet i can't switch to the solution you suggested...
so i guess i'll simply try to proceed (carefully) until i find a more suitable source of res poison than rilia... or do you think that would be plain suicide? i'm a bit bored with the idea of using rilia as my primary weapon and i'm just as bored with the idea of scumming the current depths for poison res...

my second issue (not so big):
should i continue using arvedui for nexus res or does anyone thing thalkettoth's +3 speed bonus would make up for that... i tend strongly towards keeping res nexus but +3 speed (which would finally get me over +10 together with aglarang's +5 and thror's +3) is tempting.
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