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Dunno about Narya and Nenya.

Immunity to lightning is a situational ability. Sauron and Morgoth both have high-damaging nether attacks, so the resist would be helpful there, while I'm pretty sure they have no lightning-based attacks. So at least for those fights you won't want it (the activation is mildly helpful but not really significant). I'd say carry Stormwalker as a swap since it could be useful for a few fights, e.g. against blue dragon pits, but leave it at home for the endgame.

Annihilation works on everything that's alive, which IIRC is something like "all non-undead that are not vortices, elementals, or golems". Might be forgetting a category, but it's pretty intuitive. Sauron and Morgoth are both vulnerable; wands of Annihilation are a mage's best offense against them, assuming that mage avoids melee range (due to charge drain).
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