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Question Advice? DLvl 25 Gnome Mage

Hey all. Longtime lurker here. I'm looking for any sort of advice, including thoughts on what I can use to free up weight in my inventory, what items I need to be keeping out for, what monsters are my biggest enemies right now, etc. I would post a link to a character on the ladder but I'm running this instance with the monster knowledge cheat on (and I really couldn't care less whether you think I shouldn't) so the ladder won't let me upload a chardump. Instead I've attached it.

My low strength causes me to frequently run into inventory issues. There were a few levels where I had 0.0 lbs. free. Perhaps I'm more afraid than I should be of running at -1 speed, but I'm terrified of giving something a double breath or fire missiles.

I've been carrying amulet swaps to cover alternately my rElec and rAcid holes, and a singleton !rPois. Carrying a 2nd (from my home) would leave me with literally no weight to spare, but might be worth it in case I run into an encounter that has both cold and poison attacks. Since I don't have passive rPois I'm of course terrified of breathers.

I don't have pConf or pBlind, so I'm reluctant to ditch the Rod of Curing. Do I overvalue it? I have a reasonable amount of Cure Serious and Cure Critical, so I might be able to ditch or at least stow it.

The Mushroom of Debility is not critical. I vaguely hope to use it and perhaps a couple extras (in my home) to level-up in a tough fight. I'm not super tied to carrying it around. How important is Debility for mages that have 0 other sources of mana? My biggest fear here is that losing CON in a tough fight is bad and losing STR with these inventory issues will probably leave me dangerously slower than normal speed.

I JUST found the Resist+Scarab book, so I'm pumped on that front, but am considering leaving it at home until I can cast rPois, simply because it's another heavy book. Speaking of which, I could probably ditch my extra copy of MB2 if I really needed to but Tele Self is nice and I have very few other escapes outside of Phase Door (and I'm out of ?Phase to boot!).

My bow is helping me out a lot, but I (foolishly but thematically) often underuse it in fights because I don't like the whole "mage = shitty bow user with lots of escapes" meta brought about by launcher/ammo being overpowered.

EDIT: Should I read my ?Acquirement? It's in my home.
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