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Hello again guys.

Well,after being inspired by derakons post i went ahead and continued my coding efforts and was finally able to compile something.(finding out how to do that was harder than the coding part)long story short,with the basic lessons i learned i started to code it,and the very first,and very,very minor bit of it is finished.altough it is extremely off topic,i thought i would share the result with you(s) . :3.i have decided to code something froms scratch.its more fun than
to trying to understand those huge pre made code blocks.

they will be there!one of the must have things i have to add(and the story) depends on are different planes and some of them are representations of human ideas and values.I imagine a plane with a unique monster list in style of steambeand is not out of the question(nazi panzers,anyone?) it aught to be 19,5 kilobytes.i uploaded it from a puplic computer,so please check if first with a virus scanner.

the last part was the most difficult(for me!) to code,because it required a gigantic line full of cout's combined with if's and if else's

as you can see,i want the character creation to be in the style of adom,but without scumming elements.i added questions i deemed important for the character creation process,but i may add later other ones.also,as you can see,there is not a player race selection.i think it would be best if that is left for the players imagination :-))

coding is fun,once you get started(and are able to use the effin compiler),and i don't look for direct assistance anymore.

have a great day,you all!
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