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Release 47 (21-May-2021)
  • You can no longer return to the previous dungeon level. The reason for this was to remove tedious gameplay, where you returned to previous levels to find remaining secrets, and cheesy gameplay, where you returned to previous level to rest safely.
  • Support for game controllers. I've only tested it with Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller, hopefully others will work too. Controller needs to be enabled from the settings, and you can configure / test various things from there. The last page of the tutorial shows the controls, and the same page can also be seen if you enter the game menu with the controller.
  • Replaced old raycasting-based field of view -routine with an algorithm by Adam Milazzo ( If you are creating a game yourself, check it out. It's absolutely brilliant!
  • Removed the Map-command (V). Autopilot-command (P) can now be used for map. It can now be opened even when hostile creatures are seen.
  • Removed the map note- and journal note -commands.
  • Creature AI changes:
    • Some creatures can now track you by scent. Races have different odour intensities, shown in character creation.
    • When you blink away, creatures might spread around to nearby areas to search for you.
    • When searching for you, some creatures may lit a lightsource (if they have one), even if they have darkvision.
    • Creatures can now set up traps when they're fleeing from you.
    • Some creatures may enter a berserk-state if wounded enough. A wardrummer drumming may also trigger this state. In the berserk-state creatures get combat bonuses and never flee.
    • Lots of other small AI tweaks.
  • Challenge ratings for creatures.
    • When you see a creature type for the first time, its name is shown on top of it for a few game rounds.
    • The color of the name indicates its challenge rating, ranging from "harmless" (yellow) to "deadly" (red).
    • Examine-mode and fire-mode show the ratings of all seen creatures. Also shown in creature description in the right side panel.
    • A creature's rating is updated when its or your stats change.
    • Just remember that while there are quite a lot of calculations behind the rating, it still is just a rough estimate.
  • New effect: Tracking. Available as ammunition, flasks and as a talent.
    • Tracking forms a mental link between the attacker and the target. The attacker knows exactly where the target is for the duration of the effect (the target is marked on the navi- and autopilot maps). The target also glows as if wielding a lightsource, making hiding in darkness impossible. Only one creature can be tracked at a time. The latest hit creature always becomes the target. The tracking link to a creature breaks if the attacker enters another dungeon level or Carillo.
    • There's also a talent ("Teleport to Tracked") and potion ("Potion of Stalking", needs a better name?) which teleports the tracker near the tracked creature.
    • Monsters can use tracking too. One might shoot you with a tracking arrow and know your exact location for the duration of the effect. And of course it will also inform its friends of your current whereabouts.
    • This effect might not be as usable or fun for the player as I envisioned it to be, but at least the monsters seem to like it a lot.
  • Character sheet has some changes. Some new stats on the 1st page, 2nd page redesigned, now showing the weapon sets with stats. Equipment and talent lists now have tooltips.
  • Weapon and talent speeds are hidden from the player. Action Cost and APR (actions per round) are used instead.
  • Weapons now have APR (actions per round) and DPR (damage per round) calculations.
    • This was a UI nightmare since you can use some items one-handed, two-handed or dualwielded which changes the stats.
    • Attack and defense values include all current ability-, skill- and other modifiers. Separate values are calculated for melee / throw / shoot attacks and melee / ranged defense. Ranged defense is only used with shields.
    • Inventory item statistics for one-handed and versatile weapons are calculated with an (imaginary) off-hand shield in use. The actual statistics can differ when weapons are dualwielded or when a versatile one- handed weapon is used two-handed. Second character sheet page shows the actual in-use values.
  • When you now blink, your companions are also teleported near you. Tweaked the algorithm behind blinking as well.
  • The Health-bar and UI frame flash in green when you're poisoned.
  • Autoattack target is now marked with two red triangles.
  • Autoattack automatically swaps to the other weapon set if it has a melee weapon and the active weapon set does not, and there's a hostile creature next to you. This can be disabled from the settings.
  • Attack marked -command (R) automatically swaps to the other weapon set if it has a shooting weapon and the active weapon set does not, and the nearest hostile creature is at least minimum distance away. Minimum distance can be adjusted from the settings.
  • Throwable weapons are no longer thrown with the Attack marked -command (R) unless the weapon has the returning-property, so you no longer accidentally throw your weapon. You can make throw attacks with the Fire ranged -command (F). Why didn't I do it like this from the start?
  • If you for some reason end up being unarmed, a warning text is displayed on the top of you character tile.
  • Removed the extra 1.5 x speed duration for returning thrown items.
  • Off-hand thrown attacks get 1/4 of positive Body-modifier added, full if the modifier is negative.
  • Fixed various problems with the Multishot-talent:
    • You no longer shoot at creatures that are blocked by other creatures.
    • You shoot at creatures next to you if you have the Close Combat Ranged talent.
    • In gameplay, the talent is enabled when your current Ranged-skill is high enough for at least 2 targets, and there are at least 2 hostile targets that can be shot at (the lines of fire to them must to be clear).
  • When a large creature hits a smaller opponent, it's now possible that the opponent is pushed backwards by the strength of the blow.
  • You can bump into furniture that has a noted-indicator ("!") on them to "wake" up the creature (mimics, statue, etc.)
  • Autoexplore tries to struggle free from a restraining map effect (slime / web).
  • You can now try to escape a map cloud effect into the direction where your companion is standing. With (CTRL) + direction you can try the same with a hostile creature.
  • The inventory screen is no longer opened when you bump empty containers.
  • Empty barrels and barrels with only corpses or bones are automatically opened and marked as looted. Same with cauldrons.
  • Changes to quickslots:
    • The "F1" slot is automatically reserved for the lantern even if you have it turned off when clearing the quickslots.
    • Trapkits can be quickslotted for easier use, but they will never be automatically quickslotted.
    • A quickslot is dimmed if there's no sense of using it at that moment. Disabled if you can not use it at that moment.
    • (CTRL) + (D) clears set quickslots in the quickslot manager, but preserves player set quickslots.
    • You can toggle allow/disallow quickslotting of a device/talent with (DEL) in the quickslot manager.
    • You can lock a slot to certain item, which keeps it reserved even if you use the last of its type.
    • Related new setting "Hide corpses and bones". Hide corpses and bones from the "items on ground" side panel. This has the benefit that the "items on ground" side panel won''t be displayed when there are just corpses and bones on the ground, so the quickslots stay visible.
    • Remember, you can set up quickslots from the quickslot manager (F12), but also by pressing a quickslot-key that isn't yet binded to anything. For example, if the "5" slot is free, press it, and directly choose what to bind to it.
  • Some renovations in Carillo (the shop hub level):
    • Limited the amount of visits to Carillo per dungeon dungeon level. There's a chance that the teleporter is destroyed after you have visited Carillo 3 times.
    • The Tomb Raiders Guild has opened a shop in Carillo. Their prices are double to standard unless you have a guild membership card. No, you can't actually join the guild, but have to obtain a card somehow else.
    • The bouncer and the shopkeepers will tell you if they've added new items to their inventories. You can press (F10) when checking the shop inventory to filter only items that are new since your last visit.
    • Speech bubble from a friendly creature in Carillo no longer stops autopilot.
    • When browsing a shop inventory, the item description states how many of those items you already have in your inventory (devices only).
  • Hiding (in darkness) near plants and fungi now give bonus to Stealth-checks. Each neighboring plant/fungus gives a +1 to Stealth. This is not shown anywhere, but is used in calculations. Mentioned in the skill description.
  • The amount that "Health Surge" talent will heal is listed after its name in parentheses (in quickslots panel and talent list).
  • Two new switch rooms: anchoring and withering.
  • You can no longer use teleporters when you're anchored or when there's a level-wide anchor effect active.
  • Sound effects revisited, again. Even after removing and replacing many, there are now over 4000 sounds effects. Main menu now has music. It can be volume controlled from the settings, disabled if you set the volume to 0.
  • There's now a name for the currency used in the game, instead of just "coin". It's now called "zorbit", of course.
  • New settings:
    • Closing doors by bumping at the wall tile right of them is now an option that you can disable from the settings (on by default).
    • Option to require (CTRL) + direction to be pressed to interact with furniture, instead of just bumping at them. Does not affect bumping at doors to open them. You might want to turn this setting on if you constantly keep accidentally bumping at map objects.
    • Option to pick up trapkits, on by default. Trapkits have no weight, but you may feel that they clutter the inventory, especially if you don't use them.
  • Keybindings-menu can now be filtered with a keyword.
  • Clairvoyance-talent didn't work when you used it from the talents-menu with a hotkey (happened in Tone's stream last year).
  • Animal bones and corpses removed. I had an idea for them to rise as animal skeletons and zombies when animated, but don't have proper tiles for those.
  • Life saving items (Amulet of Life Saving, Plot Armor, etc.) always save life even when you don't have any Stamina left. They also save you from death even if you're withered.
  • Potion of Antidote cures poison, but now also gives immunity against poison for a duration.
  • Potion of Extra Healing / Potion of Superior Healing give immunity against disease for a duration.
  • New potion: Potion of Life. "This powerful potion restores 100 Health-points, cures disease and poison, and removes withering effect targeted against the drinker (map-wide withering effect is unaffected). The potion also grants regeneration and immunity to disease, poison and withering for the duration."
  • Trapkits can now be set even if you see hostile creatures, as long as they don't see you. Trapkits can be quickslotted for easier use. Some new trapkits added.
  • Summoning items (horn, figurines, etc.) have a longer duration.
  • Small changes to the playable races. Odour listed in race descriptions (hostile creatures can track by scent).
  • Talent progression changed. You now need Mind-ability of at least 18 to gain 1 talent per experience level.
  • Lone Wolf -talent gives +1 to all abilities (was +2).
  • New ASCII-mode setting: "ASCII wall / floor color adjustment". Random adjustment to wall / floor base color.
  • Huge amount of tweaks here and there.
  • Game balance has probably changed a lot, so the leaderboard has been reset.
  • There's an external tool, "Zorbus Dungeon Generator", available at It's a random dungeon generator to create tabletop RPG -style maps. You can run it in step-mode to see how the algorithm creates the map.
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