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Release 49 (05-Jun-2021)
  • Added some post-processing to the field of view -algorithm for better corner wall exploration.
  • Made some optimizations to autoexplore.
  • Fixed a bug where some throwable weapons without reach (hand axe, dagger, etc.) still could be thrown with the (R)-command when distance was 2, even if not of returning-type.
  • Distances to items in blocked areas are listed in red in level loot list. Blocked areas also drawn in red in the minimap of that screen.
  • Autotargeting for ranged attacks and talents (the red and yellow corners around creatures) tries first to target a non-summoned creature.
  • New setting: "Autoammo uses anchoring & withering", on by default. If this setting is enabled, autoammo uses anchoring and withering ammunition automatically. Anchoring is used against creatures that can blink away with a talent (usually spellcasters). Withering is used only against unique creatures.
  • Companions now use anchoring and withering ammunition automatically. So you can now give anchoring ammo to companions who will then shoot them at those annoying blinking spellcasters.
  • Companions won't go to blocked areas to pick up items.
  • Creatures summoned from traps set by the player won't get angry at player's companions.
  • Traps won't be created on containers that are automatically opened / peeked (empty barrels and cauldrons, or barrels and cauldrons with only bones or corpses in them).
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