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Hah yes.... that is probably what I will have to do considering thinds are actually going quite well.

Cleared first medium vault last night with YMH Dragon inside. Having no basic elemental resists except cold, I decided that the risk wasn't worth it. But after finding a LMS of Res and a set of artifact boots (with telepathy ) I felt that I had the right equipment to take it on. Vault yielded nothing that I could equip but I will take a potion of augmentation and 2 STR potions.

Fairly OOD at this point and hoping my risk will be rewarded soon with either some speed or an ego weapon. Using a MG of Slay Demon atm and its hitting hard but with my Str and Dex getting higher the extra blows I will start getting soon with heavier weapons will start to close that gap. I'm thinking..... a nice branded randart or something of gondolin or west (with some nice stat augmentation or resists) would be really nice.

Well... no ego weapons but I have found 2 artifact weapons..... with no resists, slays, stat augmentation, +s, or even a good activation. Using a dagger of extra attacks (+1+5) <+1> but being a warrior at DL43 only doing 135 dpt isn't going to cut it. I think I'm getting close to the end of its usefulness.

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