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Medium vault on a 6-9 feeling. I can see a Great Storm Wyrm that is about 20 levels ood and an acient blue dragon so that's not so bad but I don't have any charges left in my To. It looks like the vault is split into 4 parts by walls so I am going to try and clear the other 3 parts and leave the GSW for last. I might be able to kite him out and phase around till I can teleport away then come around the back side.

Kite successful. Went straight for him lest my limited supply of PD or TS get used up in the other fighting. He is safely out of the vault and I'm in.... lets see what we get.

Ok. A nice shield with FA and +2 DEX which frees up my hands for something better when it comes along and a SOS of extra attacks (+10+15) <+2>. Boots of speed as well but only +5 but seeing that its the only speed boost I have I will take it gladly.

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