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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
....As far as I know, there are now 34 bugs that I plan to fix before release. It would be very helpful for people to cast their eyes over that list in order to
  1. See if there is anything I've obviously missed and
  2. If possible indicate any that appear to be already fixed.
Not currently in the bug list:

1. Rebirth issue: character’s name iterates a number (if one was part of the name, e.g, Tester III becomes Tester IV), however, the "player history” description reverts to a random description rather than preserving the former and allowing changes to be made.

2. Message problem when using a macro for activation of a weapon. This was working previously but has now stopped. I use a keymap of “F” for the action: “[A]ctivate [a] principal weapon [5] target”. It works fine if it is not recharging, however, if it is recharging the message seen on the top of the main screen is “Type ? for help.” while the sub-window messages show the proper message “That item is still charging." If instead of using a macro keymap and you manually type in the sequence Aa5 the correct message does appear at the top of the screen.

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