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So, while the damage levels really require some reworking, since some of the damage spells are absurdly weak, and others seem generous, tweaking those is a relatively simple exercise. So, I'll be focusing more on the utility spells.

Spells that no-one will ever use: Wonder (randomness is far too dangerous at levels at which you get this kind of spell), Alertness (no practical effect, really), Polymorph (see Wonder), Multi-missile (even if this is tweaked, 12d6 damage for 15 mana is expensive, and hitting multiple targets can be done with a ball spell), Bash Door (20 mana is absurd for half of a trap/door destruct, not to mention V doesn't even have jammed doors anymore), Touch of Death (sacrificing lots of life to maybe kill something that is next to you is a great way to die)

A couple spells have odd duplication: Rift and Magic Hole seem way too similar, as does Recharge and Imbue Power. At least Recharge and Imbue Power are functionally a bit different, since Imbue Power is better in almost all situations (if you're recharging, you probably have quite a bit of free time).

Spells that seem off: 6th sense, since you'll probably have a source of telepathy already anyway, Enchant armor/Create ammo/Brand/Enchant Weapon (incredibly spammy group of spells)

I am impressed with the decision to remove many of the utility spells such as detect traps/doors/stairs (it comes late enough that it really doesn't matter too much anymore).

I also really like the bloodcasting idea, but there are problems with it. For one, casting it in combat is incredibly dangerous - usually a move puts you in a better position, not a worse one - and when not in combat it isn't really a credible cost.

I think you're way too generous to ranger/rogue. As far as I can tell, a rogue would have +10 speed (or +5 speed and +100 AC), never miss, take 15% less damage in melee, unlimited light radius, base immunities, including poison, and slightly more utility than a mage. A ranger never misses a shot, and has more or less all of the above advantages. In fact, given spend HP to gain mana spell, a faultless recharge, and a staff of healing, or even just staff of magi, faultless recharge and staff of healing, spell costs are irrelevant outside of combat.
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