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I gave this version a try since I just got back into Sil again, and it seems that smithing has gotten hit pretty hard by this fork, and it was already bad to begin with. Maybe it's just the items I like to make, but I see that round shields of deflection are harder to make, rings of accuracy and evasion are much harder to make (+2 accuracy and evasion is the same cost as a ring of dexterity, except the latter also boosts stealth and archery, +4 rings used to only be 31 difficulty), obviously the nerf of light weapons hurts smithing, boots of speed de facto unmakeable without masterpiece, no song of aule. Still can't make feanorian lamps of grace without artifice, which would make the smithing kit strategy far more bearable.

Maybe I just need to change my build order, since removal of artistry is a buff and you can make good corslets/helms at 100'.
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