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One other big difference. I also track the first time you find an item with a given ability.

In 3.4, on average you find an item with free action (could be anything including amulet of inertia) by level 22 (stdev about 2). in 4.feature that is down to level 13 (with stdev also about 2).

You have about a 42% chance to find an item with free action by level 20 in 3.4 That's up to 90% in 4.feature.

Telepathy also has a similar disparity.

in 3.4 you will on average find an item with telepathy by dungeon level 52 (stdev about 4). in 4.feature that's down to level 38 (stdev 3.5)

4.feature appears to be way more generous across the board.
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