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Rings of Combat affect the matching hand. So in Dual Wield, slot 'e' is the right hand, and slot 'f' the left hand.

IIRC, it was PCB 6.0 when that came in, chris was worried about stacking two rings with Dual. As well, combat bonuses from other slots were to be split between weapons, with odd point going to the main hand. So, (+1,+1) gauntlets while Dual Wielding would be +1,+1 to the right, and +0,+0 to the left, and (+1,+3) would be +1,+2 to the right, and +0,+1 to the left.

Not sure if that was where the wielding a weapon with two hands bonus came in.

I don't have a Dual Wielding char right now with rings to test.
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