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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
Are these forums actively moderated?
Well, I have moderator powers

To be perfectly honest, much as it annoys me sometimes, I prefer to hear the criticism. In this particular case, Tibarius did (IIRC) have some ideas which I incorporated into the new mage class. The way that class developed has disappointed him, though, and hearing that reminds me that any changes are going to annoy somebody.

When I took on this job, I made a conscious decision to have make my development process as public as possible, because I thought it would lead to better outcomes, and on the whole I think it has. But that's just my opinion.

So I'm planning to keep the development process pretty much the same because that works for me, and seems to be mostly working for most people. Maybe the next maintainer will undo a lot of what I do and go in a completely different direction. I'm just really glad to have the opportunity to work on this game that has given me such enjoyment.
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