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Originally Posted by mrfy View Post
Isn't Saint Nick already in the game as Father Christmas?
Hahahaha, maybe it should be changed to Saint Nick. +1 to Derakon and Carnivean's posts.

Philip said:
it would just require the monster that killed your previous character to become a unique until a descendant finally kills it. I think this would be fun, but it would be a lot of work.
I love this idea! I would love to see this in V. It would give dying the silver lining I always wish it had. Of course it would be terrifying starting up a new game after just dying to a Drolem or something along those lines.

I love the prefab'd rooms in Angband. I love all the new ones. It seems I am still encountering special room types I have never seen before; some of them seem to be hybrids of others; some almost feel like they are randomly generated, though I don't see how they could be. Seems to me there is enough of them that you don't keep seeing them all the time. And the large oval one with the rectangle in the center is an iconic Angband staple.

I like the idea of smaller early levels, or at least early levels that are easy to navigate.
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