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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
1) The admin char must be created at start. If not, the game will create a regular char. You will have to modify mangband.cfg to include new name/password for your admin char and restart the server.
Didn't work. Algorythm:

1) stopped server
2) edited .cfg and added there new account credentials (log is 'adm' and pass ***)
3) started server
4) logged to the server with this new credentials ('adm' and ***)
5) created char
6) & commands don't work

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
3) Feature. You can sell your items for 0 gold for ID purposes. If you can buy back for 1 gold, that's a bug: it should cost the normal price for that item.
After you 's' it - it writes that it cost 1 gold in the shop and it writes that I've payed 1 gold when I bought it back (but I suppose in real it was full price) so it's definitely minor bug.
/// update. today 's' feature worked alright... need more testing
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