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Indeed, the file format changed rather a long time ago in Vanilla but not all variants have the newer syntax.

# alloc: commonness : min " to " max
So 'commonnness' is the opposite of rarity - i.e. the higher this number, the more common it is. Min depth to max depth is just that. Objects just have one commonness value for the whole dungeon, but cut off above and below their range.

"Commonness" is how many entries it gets in the object generation table for a given depth. So if it has 100, it will get 100 entries, if it has 10, it'll get 10 entries. So

alloc:50:1 to 100

Broken dagger
alloc:100:1 to 100
means that there is a 50/(100+50) chance of getting a skull (33%) and a 100/150 chance of getting a broken dagger (67%)

The old syntax had 'rarity', where rarity of 1 = 100 entries, 2 = 50 entries, 4 = 25 entries, 8 = 12 entries etc., and you could specify multiple rarity/depth pairs to change the allocation through the dungeon.
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