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L13. 3-?. A cave bear takes me to CL 17 (94 HP, 31 SP). There's a staff of mapping in the bear's room, so I drop my shield to carry it without a speed penalty. I could really use a little more STR at this point, 12 just isn't cutting it.

Golfimbul and Lagduf are both here, with teams of hill orcs and snagas respectively. Golfimbul falls to 3 arrows (sadly, he resists venom) and 4 magic missiles, dropping a spear of slay demon (useless to me), a heavy crossbow of power <+4> (+10,+17) which is tempting but it weighs 20 lb so no, and a long bow of accuracy (+15,+10) which might be an interesting alternative to the long bow of power I'm wielding now, considering how I seem to miss as many times as I hit. Well, there's no substitute for experience, so I trade bows just to find out which one is better. I test it out on the remains of Golfimbul's hill orc team and the bow of accuracy hits a lot so I keep it. The hill orcs drop a ring of lightning [+8] which I swap for my ring of protection, which drops my AC down to 35, but in compensation it gives me an 85-damage ball attack.

Lagduf falls to 2 arrows of venom and 3 magic missiles, dropping only a useless cutlass, but one of his snagas drops what I'm sure must be a lantern of true sight, since it grants pBlnd and see invisible, the latter especially very welcome right now.

L14. 3-2. I kill a whole row of cave orcs in a hallway with 2 spears of light, and they drop an amulet of infravision <+1>, which I choose to wear instead of my amulet of resist acid. Fighting cave orcs, I gain CL 18 (99 HP, 33 SP).

On the floor in a chessboard room, I find a copy of Incantations and Illusions, the 3rd spell book. I learn Satisfy Hunger, Turn Stone to Mud, Polymorph Other, Identify Rune, and Slow Monster.

L15. 3-4. I reach CL 19 (102 HP, 35 SP) while fighting Orfax, son of Boldor's yeek entourage. I hit Orfax with 4 frost bolts and he dies, dropping a See Invisible scroll and a pair of boots, neither of which interest me.

L16. 3-3. I wander around, learn Fire Bolt, and go down the stairs.

L17. 3-1. A small pack of light hounds bring me to CL 20 (109 HP, 37 SP). I spot Nar the Dwarf sleeping in a large room with various dungeon vermin. He wakes up at an awkward moment and I teleport—landing right next to Ulfast, son of Ulfang and a small team of easterling warriors. 10 frost bolts kill Ulfast, who drops a set of gauntlets of agility [3,+10] <+2>. Nice, but I'm sure the gloves of free action I'm wearing are better.

I find a leather shield of resist fire [8,+4] and equip it. To manage the weight I drop my 4th copy of Magic for Beginners and all my remaining phase door scrolls.

Fighting a nest of forest trolls, I reach CL 21 (114 HP, 38 SP). Before leaving the level, I re-engage with Nar, but I quickly realize I can't seem to damage him fast enough to kill him before he heals himself. I teleport away and hope to meet Nar again later, when I have more power.

L18. 3-?. On the floor I find a ring of the mouse (0,-11) <+1,+4> and wear it as an upgrade, discarding my old ring of the mouse. This improves my stealth rating to "superb". A cutpurse drops a robe of resist cold [2,+7] and I take it as a swap over my leather armor of resist cold, which drops my AC 6 points to 37, but also frees up 6 lb of carry capacity.

I spot Brodda the Easterling squatting in a corner and dispatch him with 6 frost bolts. He drops a pair of steel shod boots [7,+5] but they're heavy and I don't really need AC.

L19. 4-2. A team of black ogres takes me to CL 22 (120 HP, 40 SP). My fire bolt is now down to 6% fail rate, ready to use. I learn Reveal Monsters, which I'll begin using, especially on more dangerous-smelling levels.

L20. 7-4. I meet Mughash the Kobold Lord with his support squad. Mughash dies after taking 4 frost bolts. His drop is a quiverful of (+5,+1) bolts, useless to me. As I explore this level, I don't see much to explain the dangerous feeling until I come across an ant pit, which I avoid. A brigand takes me to CL 23 (124 HP, 42 SP). Fire bolt now becomes my main attack, with 5% fail rate.

L21. 7-7. I spot a naga pit near my entry point and decide it looks like a worthwhile target considering nagas drop treasures and are hurt by cold. I kill a bunch of nagas until things get out of hand, then I get chased around the level by a couple spirit nagas until I teleport away—landing right next to Ufthak of Cirith Ungol and his support team consisting of 8 black orcs and 5 cave orcs. 7 fire bolts kill Ufthak, who drops nothing worth mentioning. Finally I return to finish off the naga pit. One of the nagas drops a potion of intellect, which tragically reduces my strength to 11. Another drops a pair of leather gloves of free action [1,+8], which I take as a slight upgrade to the similar gloves I'm wearing. A ninja takes me to CL 24 (128 HP, 46 SP).

This level also has two mini-vaults, both lightly guarded and easily cleared. The first mini-vault contains a mattock of earthquakes that grants +2 strength, but it weighs 25 lb, which more than offsets the bonus. The second mini-vault contains a spear of *slay troll* (+12,+9) <+1> which I wield, as it gives a very slight net bonus to carry capacity after all is said and done.
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