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You're doing great so far. Teleport staff and that great Wormtongue-dropped mace are excellent finds. You do have teleport spell in your WoW-book at home (Portal) but staff can be used while confused so stick (no pun) with it.

Under weaknesses I'd put wearing the chain mail. Extra AC is nice but it slows you down and lowers your spell points. Wearing lighter armor and switching reckless attack into another protection ring you would get you pretty close to your current AC and hasten up. -2 speed for a new player is really bad and you don't want to encounter your first sabre-tooth tiger or 3-headed hydra walking around slowed like that. (+3, +4) slaying is also pretty lousy trade-off for -17 AC. Not so much if you keep using your bow, though.

Also I'd drop everything Adam already mentioned, at home. You don't need Elvagil after finding that mace and Rilia-dagger but might as well keep it as a souvenir

I'm waiting for your reaction on your first breathing hound pack encounter. Those things are nasty (Light and Dark ones in lesser extent) and start appearing soon.
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