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Alright everyone! Nedandon has managed to clear D:22, meaning it's time to post the next part for realignment with you guys.

Complete N00b'€™s Journey: Part 2-3

So, I read the replies and stashed the chain mail (and switched back to the leather armor), 4 flasks of oil, the ring of Reckless Attacks, 7 scrolls of Satisfy Hunger, and Elvagil. Enchanted my mace to (+4, +9) with my regular scrolls of Enchant Weapon To-Dam, then used the scroll of *Enchant Weapon* to enchant it up to (+6, +9), which is honestly not bad of a number. Also bought a potion of Resist Fire and quaffed it to improve my identification purposes. With that, I began a fresh run, this time to D:22. Thanks to the sense surroundings spell, I quickly found the downstairs to D:15, which had nothing of note, and my sense surrounding prayer allowed me to quickly find the stairs and get to D:16. D:16 was more of the same, so I decided to quickly descend to D:17, which had Orfax, Son of Boldor to greet me. I also found a Wand of Wonder and had a brief bit of fun with it against some yeeks. I also found an amulet of Inertia as an alternate source of Free Action, and discovered that one of my arrow stacks was ones of Slay Animal, which I used to kill Orfax. He dropped a Soft Leather Armour of Resist Cold [8, +5], which provided me with better AC than my current Leather Armour did. After an encounter with an umber hulk that proved to be trivial thanks to mushrooms to resist confusion that I found, I proceeded to D:18. Other than that, nothing else of note was encountered or found. On D:19, I had my first taste of energy hounds, who thankfully went down to arrows of Slay Animal with ease. I also found that my second stack of arrows was arrows of slay demons upon use towards tengus. Funnily enough, after clearing the room, I found the Dagger "Dethanc€" which provides lightning resistance. I also found a fresh supply of standard arrows so I can save the slaying arrows for bigger things. Nothing else was found on that level, which allowed me to descend to D:20 with ease. I also went to level 20 by clearing a mass of forest trolls, which dropped a wand of slow monster and a scroll of banishment that was identified by equip id (which I used on trolls just for kicks). D:20 was host to Golfimbul, the Hill Orc Chief, who went down to orb of draining. His drops included a Leather Scale Mail (-1) [20, +6], which provided me with quite a bit of AC improvement, and the Pair of Leather Boots of Radagast [2, +12], <+1. +3, +5> (to wisdom, stealth, and infravision respectively). Other stuff that I found and identified there was a ring of Escaping, a rod of Treasure Location, and a ring of Protection [14], which was honestly not a bad haul. Upon descent to D:21 I found a book of Prayer [Exorcism and Dispelling], which I used to learn the prayer of Dispel Undead, and some scrolls of enchant weapon to-hit, which I used towards my arrows and my mace. I found and quaff-id’d a potion of Nimbleness, which decreased a point of strength on my end, which really screwed me over in terms of burden load. I found a ring of Acid€™ [+8], which was a strictly better selection than my ring of protection [+6], a staff of Sleep Monsters and an everburning Lantern. During a battle with a druid, my book of Exorcism and Dispelling was destroyed. As a final, more pleasant surprise of the level, I quaff-id'€™d a potion of Contemplation, which improved my wisdom as an expense to my dexterity.

Heading to D:22, I found an amulet of Wisdom, which was a huge help for prayers. I also got ambushed by a pack of water hounds, who luckily went down to arrows of Slay Animal, and eat-id'€™d mushrooms of emergency. I ran into Bolg, Son of Azog, who went down to repeated Orbs of draining fueled by my potion of Restore Mana. Unfortunately, nothing good came out of Bolg'€™s drops. After the encounter, I found another copy of the Exorcism and Dispelling book and promptly learned the Heal prayer. I then use-id'€™d a Staff of Slow Monsters and dispatched Boldor, King of the Yeeks, which dropped the Chain Mail of Arvedui (-2) [40, +15] <+2 Strength>. After discovering a Staff of Starlight, I ran straight on into Ulfast, son of Ulfang, who dropped a pair of leather boots with unknown properties and less AC than my Botts of Radagast. I also ran into Brodda, the Easterling, who went down and dropped a Maul of Slay Demon (4d4) (+2,+1). I picked up a rod of Lightning Bolts and began exploring the rest of the level, discovering a ring of the Mouse and dropping it. I finished off the level by dealing with Ufthak of Cirith Ungol and by read-id’ing a scroll of Enchant Armour towards the Hard Leather Cap of Wisdom. Being at character level 22 when I cleared D:22, I opted not to reload the level and Recalled back to town, where I bought 40 standard arrows, bought a potion of resist cold, a scroll of holy chant, a scroll of recharging, and a scroll of monster confusion, the latter four for identification purposes.

So the next goal for this guy is to reach and clear D:29.

Right now, the questions for you guys are these:

Is it worth the penalty to wear the Chain Mail of Arvedui? Or should I just stick with the armor that I am wearing right now?

Which weapon is better for me to wield:

The Dagger "Dethanc"€™ (2d4) (+9, +12) [+10]
The Dagger of Rilia (2d4) (+14, +13)
A Maul of Slay Demon (4d4) (+2, +1)
A Mace (Defender) (2d4) (+7, +9) [+3] <+4>

I can buy the following notable items from the black market now:

A wand of Stone to Mud (7 charges, 1215 au)
A Staff of Speed (7 charges, 8100 au)
A Ring of Free Action (1500 au)
A set of Leather Gloves of Free Action [1, +6] (7332 au)
9 potions of Cure Critical Wounds (600 au each)

Which items should be prioritized? In particular, I am interested in which slot Free Action is best towards.

I'm also interested in finding out which items should be stashed/taken with me right now.

Is quaff-id'€™ing the way to go for any potions that I find in the future, or is it too risky at this point? What about read-id'€™ing scrolls?

Which creatures should I look out the most in this level range? And which monsters should I actively seek out to level up quickly?

The current status of Nedandon has been updated, and I would appreciate any answers to the above questions!

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