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Originally Posted by Gauss View Post
Since you already have free action from boots and can see invisible as a high elf, i would use the longsword Evalgil since it has the highest dps of all weapons aviable.
Yeah, but only if you use Arvedui to cover resistances. You have to try, if your char is strong enough with the additional strength bonus.

Also, hand gear of free action is always a good choice, in case you swap other sources out (like with the defender if you choose to use Elvagil).
There are only a few very good gloves/gauntlets and most of them also grant free action.
The boots of Radagast are not bad, but you will eventually exchange them with boots of speed.

OTOH, Elvagil might be not a good choice because of the priest spell failure penalty for using it (being an edged weapon).
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