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Originally Posted by wizard44 View Post
Is it necessary to have Maxxed stats before proceeding to D:38 and further? I read in one of the guides that doing so is necessary before venturing to that depth level.
Absolutely not, it is possible to play that way but it's very much out of fashion. Play-styles have changed dramatically since those guides were written, and monsters and objects have also changed, making that part of the game less dangerous than it used to be - though it can still kill you...

If you're really going to completely clear levels you need to be super-buff for the depth - otherwise (like Mondkalb said) you will die - but even that approach won't require maxing your stats before 1900'. (It might have done way back in Angband 2.x, before the monster list changes, at least in the case of CON because you'd need bags of HP.)

Most people here, though, will strongly advise you not to use a level-clearing approach in the first place So even less need to max your stats.
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