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Journal of the human ranger

My last Half Troll Ranger won very easily once I found Telepathy. The 8d6 Morgoth/Sauron slayer made short work of both bosses. Now for a new adventure:


Bored of the repeating, winding passageways I fall asleep in a quiet corner of the dungeon. When I wake, my mind is foggy and my dream is still at the forefront of my thoughts; I go around smashing lesser creatures with my standard issue weapon but when a soldier doesn't yield I suddenly remember who I am. I am just a human ranger. I am not the huge, hulking half troll warrior of my dream. I flee from the soldier and then ?phase and restore my lossed health and easily pelt him with arrows.

Suddenly I realize I only have two arrows left in my quiver. Where did they all go? Shortly thereafter I wander into a stack of 31 arrows (+2, +1). Yes, I was not wanting to return to town so soon. I take the downstairs and come upon a nice whip (+4, +5) which doubles my damage output. None too soon, as I soon find that I have disturbed an ant pit. A corridor of furry legs and unfriendly mandibles come at me. I am bitten and weakened! I fight them back with arrows and magical whip. Fortunately I am gaining levels quickly and am periodically rewarded with renewed strength. A few times the ants surround me, quickly reducing my hp to dangerously low levels; ?phasing is my safest recourse, but lands me in the center of the ant pit! I ?phase again and land safely. As I escape, I hear loud shrieking. I flee and by some good fortune am somehow not pursued. When I recover I find the shrieking mushroom patch and kill it. A safe distance from the ants I quaff an unknwon potion. If it's useful, I want to use the buff against the ants; if it's sleep, I want to have enough distance that I will wake before they feed on me. The potion is speed, and I dispatch of the rest of the ants without much trouble and am well rewarded for my efforts: three weapons are scattered about inside the pit, each better than my whip. But the last is a special weapon . As I lift it I feel stronger and more dexterous. It is a spear with +2 STR and DEX and +1 CON and I feel my eyes tingle with super-sensory vision as well. Technically not an artifact, but a very auspicious find. I go forth with renewed hope and confidence.

(This is the latest nightly from around April 11).
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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