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I quaff a !CSW and suddenly my torch reveals the half-orc next to me, ready to finish me off. I engage him in melee but the ironfist priest surrounds me in darkness. I !CLW and sense that I am in a special room so I read a scroll of light room. Golfimbul is here sleeping. Though I only have 44hp I decide to try to kill the priest quickly with arrows, and he dies fairly easily before getting off another spell. The black orc is next, but I require another ?phase to get away from the uruk. Glorfimbul now wakes up and I find myself fleeing him, the injured uruk and the other half-orc. I then run into the other injured half-orc. Some favorable ?phases and fleeing and soon everyone dies surprisingly easily, though I am surprised to learn that Gorfimbul resists the elemental attacks of my wand of wonder. Arrows do him well enough, though, as does the bite from my orc slaying spear. Glorfimbul drops soft leather armor [8, +12] {??} (resistance?) and a cloak of Aman of stealth <+2> [3, +18] {??}. Very nice!

A short video of the fight. A good demonstration of favorable ?phasing.

I learn Stone to Mud spell, one of the key spells I will use throughout the game. My fail rate is only 19%, though I possess no wisdom boosting items. My starting stats were +6 STR, +4 WIS/CON and +6 DEX.

Short distance away I find an amulet of inertia (-1) and so I wear it as it provides FrAct. The level is a 4-1 feeling so I read one of my two scrolls of mapping. The stairs are close, but in a separate part of the dungeon separated by three granite tiles. I've learned stone to mud none too soon!
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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