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I haven't experienced any tedium playing Ranger in New Angband so far. Of course, in my last game my Half-Troll Ranger basically was a warrior since I ended up with very good hit-die rolls and found the broken (8d6) Sauron/Morgoth slayer. I really did play that game like a warrior who happened to have great utility spells to boot.

I guess that's partly why I'm doing Human Ranger this time, so that I will hopefully not be able to play it as a warrior. I'm still not sure why the broken Randart weapon generation isn't a priority for fixing. It has ruined a lot of games for me lately, by trivializing the game once I found it. It was fun the first few times I found such uber weapons after switching from Randarts to Standarts, but now it just causes me to roll my eyes; it really does have the feeling of breaking the third wall--of making me feel that I am playing a silly, trivial game, rather than getting lost in the super immersive game that Angband otherwise is.

Hopefully my current @ makes it deep into the dungeon and I will be able to better answer your question then.
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