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I am careless attacking dark hounds. I forget about a displacer beast and nearly pay for the mistake with my life. Must value my life more if I am ever to meet Morgoth.

Picked up a staff of power. That surprised me. I almost left it where I found it when I first tried it with no monsters around {tried}. Then I reconsidered and when I dissolved a cold hound I nearly fell out of my chair (that's an expression; obviously there are no chairs in the dungeon). Good thing I bought some scrolls of recharging.

On the next level down I use the staff of power on Azog and his son. Overall the battle goes well, but when my !Speed runs out and I am stubborn to reup I nearly leave a tombstone on the dungeon floor once again:

Really must start to take more care if I am ever to have that coveted meeting with Morgoth.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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