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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Impressive. I agree Gervais is a better choice unless you are playing on an enormous screen. That said, I still like ASCII because I just have a hard time learning to distinguish the icons.

I use this tileset with big screen also It's originally 32x32, but you could increase it to any size with V-inbuild option in config file. I play with 16X24 font and this settings:



So tileset become 48x48 and I got big font size (good for people with bad vision); you could make tileset 64x64 or even 128x128 by changing config files - it would look oldschool and got good 'readibility' of the game (monsters are easy recognizable).

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Haven't had time to look yet. This is a PWMA set? V + extras?
This tileset based at UT32 which used in PWMA. The idea is to enhance game graphics to allow building fully customized locations on daylight surface, cause in UT32 there wasn't much terrain; at the same time David Gervais himself drawn a lot of cool terrain tiles, so I've added everything what possible.

To do so I had to increase tileset size 4x: from 4096x1024 to 4096x4096. With this size it's possible to add a lot of different terrain features based at different bioms (from northered snowy grounds to desert sands).

This is just a tiny sneak-peak, kinda alpha.. In future there would be a lot of new tiles, so I'm even not sure that 4096 size would be enough.. Maybe I'll have to increase size even more

Also wanna add that this is 100% free to use/modify tileset, even for commercial use. The only thing which is needed - to mention artists nicknames in your credits And this principle would stay the same in future - I'll add art only from zero-licence or creative-commons works (and also Shtukensia would draw tiles by her own on free basis
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