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Feeling emboldened by my new crossbow I hit the stairs as they come and soon pick up a rod of Teleport Other. I basically have everything I need now, besides adequate stats, to dive as deep and as fast as I like: I have speed, I have stealth and I have TO. I'm still wearing the ring of the mouse for the stealth and DEX.

On DL51 I investigate a six compartment vault and the first compartment has gauntlets of power <+5> (+4, +4). Very nice find! To keep the operation running smoothly I use my staff of speed. I TO the sleeping sundries no problem and take down my first ancient dragon with ease since it's a Golden one and I resist sound.

I kill some more things, including a DL43 Maia with ease. I replace my ring of STR <+2> with a ring of speed <+5>. This brings my base speed up to +20 while not wearing helm of telepathy and +17 with the helm of telepathy.

I am a bit careless, wearing the helm of speed instead of telepathy. Suddenly a bunch of spiderwebs appear in the vault's outer corridors. I detect monsters and see Shelob approaching me, her breath of poison or dark will kill me instantly as I have a mere 291hp at the time. I teleport her away.

I run out of bolts after clearing two p pits (culminating with 5 ranger chieftains in each; one of the pits also has kobolds, which is kind of amusing). Back in town I swap out the lightning armor for the dwarven now that I have the strength to wear it, boosting my HP to 410 (also quaffed another !toughness at the expense of wisdom). I forgot my SP suffers from the bigger armor, and so I only have 28 SP now.

DL55 I'm feeling confident having my HP above 400 now. I'm skipping along through the dungeon, taking out this and that. A room full of vrocks crumbles before my bolts. Suddenly I'm one square away from a drolem and in a flash I am reminded how I can still die in an instant at any moment. This is why I wear a ring of the mouse: this drolem is still asleep. I TO him away and head for the stairs.

DL56: as I'm killing a lesser creature something breathes on me confusing and draining me. I shoot at where I can tell the chaos vortex is, but I should have TO'd it: it breathes about 6 more times taking me from 350k exp to 270k exp and from level 35 to 33. I don't pConf so it uses up several curing potions. I kill an ancient green dragon and where he falls I quaff a yellow potion. I feel very strong! I feel very smart! I feel very wise! I feel very dextrous! I feel very healthy! And I imagine I am more charismatic, too, but that might just be the !Augmentation talking. A song and a dance follows.

I come across Ar-Pharazon and while I know it's not wise to fight him at 183 damage per round (average bolts), I am bubbling over with newfound confidence and am eager for more adventure, fortune and glory! The battle turns out very uneventful. I blast him with bolts; he teleports me away. I teleport back. Blast him with bolts and he falls, dropping a mattock of cold immunity, which I keep as a swap (my current weapon confers +3 speed).

Upon entering DL57, Scatha the worm is nearby. How handy the mattock already is. He falls without a fuss bringing my experience back into the green and drops me yet another amulet that isn't remarkable enough to keep.

DL58: I decide to take on a demi-lich who proves significantly more troublesome than Ar-Pharazon (they are about the same level). Demi-lich summons me to him a couple times draining experience and dexterity.

DL60 and DL61 have each a potion of strength in the corridors bringing my Lucerne hammer up to 3 blows per round and decent damage despite the -9 damage penalty (159 shock value).

I enter DL63 near the stairs and just behind a wall are two potions of Strength! and another book I cannot read. The last ten levels have been pretty boring and uneventful. I yearn for adventure! I'm about to hit the stairs when I notice a small 4 chamber special room. On my way over I see kavlax and take him down easily with _Speed but he does breath chaos near the end of the fight, confusing and hallucinating me. NOTE to maintainer: I shot a hallucinating character coming toward me as I was waiting for the hallucination to wear off and "the sabre-tooth tiger flees in terror!". How do I know its a cat if I'm hallucinating it to be a bunch of other things? Which gives me an idea: in real life, when you are hallucinating, things aren't changing from one thing to another so rapidly; it would be interesting if an object or monster was represented by one character, and then maybe periodically would change (say every 5 to 15 turns or so) into something else. Would make hallucination a little more dangerous but also a bit more fun! The game would basically be giving you false information. And there wouldn't be any messages like "the hyrdra changes!" you'd simply see it change and the message about what you were hitting or whatever would change to what you see it to be.

I reach the special room but there is nothing special inside. I'm about to hit the stairs again when I notice Saruman of Many colors. Even though I have been hitting the stairs quite rapidly the last 10 levels I feel perfectly adequate to take on Mr. Saruman. He awakes as I approach him, but his timing is impeccable. I will wait for him to enter my hallway of annihilation. He proves even easier than Ar-Pharazon thanks to some "good" bolts I picked up. The ball of acid he conjures at me I am immune to and when he is near death he summons *lesser* animals. He leaves me 18 seeker bolts of wounding (+21, +15) which do 364 damage per round.

I enter DL64 near The Phoenix who wakes shortly after I start making my way to the nearby stairs. He doesn't quite reach me in time.

I enter DL65 right next to the stairs and a pack of plasma hounds and treasures are to my south. I fail to map with spell and don't have enough to recast so I hit the stairs.

DL66: more plasma hounds nearby. Between me and the hounds is Mughash and his crew. Should I let him live? Tune in next time to learn his fate!
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