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Originally Posted by Flambard View Post
As far as I understand, yes, it has everything V needs (including "passable rubble") + MORE. Not sure about player decoy/spider webs/new spell books, and new traps, though, better ask tangar.

I believe this should eventually replace "classic" DVG tilesets in all *bands, tome2/tomenet, Sil, etc. The amount of work put into this is very impressive.

BTW, tangar, I would suggest NOT going over 4096x4096 limit just yet, this seems awfully close to the maximum texture size on many of the old GPUs, so unless *bands implement some kind of virtual texture splitter (haven't seen anything like that yet), it would make it unusable on old hardware.
Doesn't have the latest additions from V, since I'm still in the process of porting that. For spider webs, it'll not even be in the next version, since I will only focus on player class changes.
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