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New builds up on the nightlies page and with the following changes:
  • Use correct number of blows in deciding whether to attempt a shield bash (thanks PowerWyrm)
  • Expand the useful section of the food range so that it is essentially the same as before
  • Adjust effects at the top and bottom of the food range to be cleaner and more robust to changes in the data file
  • Fix message order in shapechanges (ticket #2114)
  • Add percentages to food value descriptions
  • Stopped Drop All on the item menu from needing confirmation (request from Clearshade)
  • Allow the 8th window in the SDL2 port to be opened without causing a crash (thanks EducatedNoob)
  • Add reference to Once's Windows console compilation instructions to (actual instructions are here)
  • Fix bug stopping rune of protection being cast on squares containing an object (thanks Ingwe)
  • Fix ignore for Shining DSM (Ingwe again)
  • Make stores always accept items with unknown runes in no-selling (#2080)
  • Stop light being ignorable from the tval menu - makes no sense now that there are ego and artifact torches and lanterns (#2119)
  • Drop ignored stolen items immediately, avoiding possible drop of something useful (#2126)
I'm pretty happy with food now, but let me know if there are more issues.
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