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Just finished my first successful 4.2.0 game. I was running a paladin, and have some feedback for that class.

First, I'm really digging the Paladin's new, much more focused spell list. I made good use of just about every spell (except the brandings, because a young gold dragon dropped Fingolfin's sword on floor 42...), and in general I was very happy with it. Just a few criticisms:

1. Protection from Evil - I found this spell to be pretty much useless. By the time I had enough mana, and a low enough spell failure rate to make this worth casting I was well past the point where monters of a lower level posed any sort of threat. If we want to keep this spell, I really think we should do something like make the effective level of the repulsion scale based on the paladin's Wisdom. For example, maybe a level 50 Paladin with maxed Wisdom is considered level 100 for the purposes of the spell. That way at the end game (assuming you have enough +Wis items), pretty much everyone except Morgoth can be repulsed. Not as good as Runes of Warding, but still not just taking up space.

2. Enchant Armor - This came way too late to be all that effective. I used it a few times, because I got *garbage* cloak drops, so my poor Elven Cloak of Stealth was in pretty sorry shape by the time I got this spell. If we put this where Protection from Evil currently is, I think it would be a much more useful spell.

Honestly though I kind of think we should just replace both of these spells with two spells that put temporary resistances to your character's shield (basically the armor equivalent of the temporary brand spells). Maybe resistance to Darkness where Protection from Evil is now, and Protection from Nether where Enchant Armor is now. Note: These would be temporary *armor* resistance, so it wouldn't stack with resistances on your armor like normal temporary resistance does. Like the brands, they would basically let you patch holes and give you equipment flexibility, which feels like the Paladin's strength these days.

This could be confusing though because it breaks the temporary-permanent rule stacking rule. Don't know if that's worth doing.

3. Single Combat - A *wonderful* spell, especially for dealing with monsters who summon (like you know almost all the really dangerous uniques, and the only two monsters in the game you *have* to defeat). However, I'm wondering if it might be a bit too wonderful. It's basically an always-on, cast-for-free Mass Banishment, and sure you don't get to run away either, but nobody can one-shot a paladin by themselves unless the player lets themselves get really low. This probably needs to be nerfed some. A few possibilities:

a. The spell drains mana from the paladin every turn its active. Not much of a debuff in the final fights when you have a ton of mana potions, but it does give you one extra thing to keep a very close eye on. You really don't want your mana to run out and dump you amongst a horde of dragons at an inopportune time.

b. Summoning still doesn't work, but it does have a chance of canceling single combat (the chance would presumably scale based on level and wisdom?).

c. The spell just has a limited duration. This one is the least interesting to me personally.

Anyway, just food for thought. I had a ton of fun, keep up the good work!
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