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Just a couple of corrections to Arphod's post:

1. Its no longer possible to house artifacts, you simply can't drop them above their base depth. If you sell an artifact to a shop the shopowner will smuggle it out the back (so you can't get lots of artifacts just by hanging around the shops when high level people sell arts).

2. Player versus player is now only possible if you agree to it (both/all players have to set hostility in party options).

There are rumors that in a future version there will be features such as "Time bubbles", to make time move more slowly under certain conditions (such as when fighting really tough monsters) while speeding up time when doing other things, such as resting or running.

Also, the rumors tell of Arenas (or maybe even custom levels) in the dungeon or wilderness, where people can fight each other either for fun or to death).

But yes, hounds in MAngband is something very different, especially time hounds, one of our top killers ->


Good to see you on the server Nolendil and it's awesome to get such detailed feedback, really appreciate that

Here's the answers:

Roguelike keys are not well supported and I can't play at all without them (I'm on a laptop with no keypad and I'm too used to them anyway). Support is need for at least "Use ghostly powers (U)" and "Party menu (P)".
You are right, unfortunately none of the members of our project team use the roguelike keys and to the best of my knowledge not a lot of users do either, but if we got some more detailed feedback on the problems experienced we will definitely try to fix it.

The game opened 4 windows but I couldn't assign anything to any of the subwindows so I had 3 useless empty windows (called "Recall", "Choice" and "Mirror"). The "Window flags" options menu seems broken, I couldn't change anything in it (even with roguelike keys disabled).
We're aware of this one and it's on our list of things to look at, I'm being told it's related to a "X11 Terminal weirdness"

I can't resize the main window, so the view is quite limited
We plan to fix this soon.

The game is far too fast for me
Like I hinted at in the reply to Arphod above, a new, major feature that is planned for the next major version (Time bubbles) will deal with this and make the game much more manageable for new players.

Most options seem to be useless. They are all set to "no" by default and I can't see what most of them should do in an online roguelike. Some of them are clearly ignored. Some cleaning would be required.
This has been fixed and while we can't promise you it'll be rolled out immediately it will however be implemented in the next major release.

Version numbers are confusing, sometimes it says it's 1.1.1, sometimes 1.1.2.
Some people haven't updated their servers to 1.1.2 yet so thats probably causing most of the confusion here. There may be some occasional slips, where we've just missed it but we're correcting what we can whenever we become aware of it.

It's based on an old version of Angband (2.7.2, I guess that's when I started playing Angband, more than 10 years ago ) and I miss a lot of things that were added to V since.
This is not really correct, since version 1 we've been syncing up with Angband 3.0.6 and should be, for the most part quite identical. We would greatly appreciate anyone posting any missing features either to this thread or preferably to our forums. The main goal of MAngband v1 + is to be multiplayer Angband, and we decided to go for 3.0.6 and try to catch up more recent changes as we go along.

When I died in the dungeon (once I finally found the entrance after dying a few times in town or wilderness ), all my stuff was on the floor and you can't pick anything up as a ghost. I had some hope that the level would be saved and still contain all my equipment when I come back, but no, a new level was generated when I got back to that depth.
Is it lost forever if I play alone? I guess that if I had someone in my party he could have grabbed my loot and handed it back to me when we meet again (or keep it for himself if he's not nice ), right?
Dying in MAngband can cause a lot of grief, but when you think about it, isn't it better than instant permadeath? As long as your ghost is intact you can reequip yourself (Say you have a full set of backup equipment in your house) - it really ain't that bad. If you play alone you can often just ask someone else on the server to rescue you - if no one is around people typically make a post in the forums and ask for a rescue, the community is quite friendly and to have your drops stolen is quite unusual. But you're correct about the level resetting if you leave it, thats the whole concept - death is not meant to be easy in any roguelike, but I think our way of dealing with it is very reasonable.

Just noticed you here Whelk, come back! We need your Accrued Wisdom
-- Mangband Project Team Member

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