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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
The thing that's always put me off is the old-style # and % signs for walls. Is it possible to configure the new Mangband to display solid walls? If so I might give it a try ...
I'm a full-fledged mangbander, and the walls are not supposed to be like that. I've played on XP, vista, and linux. XP and vista both worked 100% fine with mangband. Vista mangband even worked better than vista angband. However, the game did like to display the old style signs after I fix angband graphics in vista. But its fine after I restart my computer
I have sometimes had errors in linux though, but only when I compile to non single window mode.

As a note to anyone thinking of trying mangband, it was my first roguelike. It was a bit tough at first, but thankfully, I knew someone who played the game (emulord) and so he guided me through the early lvls, until I could survive on my own. It was a nice way to learn. Once I eventually permadied because of the lynerian hydra and a death drake at 1150', I started a new character, which went much better.

My first death wasn't until lvl 30! Once I permadied, I finally started my third character, my first one to king. I went through a funny thing with this character for a while, called die, regain 5 lvls, repeat. That stretch from 2000' to 3000' can be tough. Had to learn quite a lot. Having the chance to resurrect really helped me not quit the game. Sure, sometimes I would have to hide in the walls for like 8 hours before someone who could rescue me would come online since i was playing at 3AM, but whatever!

After bad death to the tarrasque where I lost everything, cus something was attacking my ghost, I quit for a few months. Then, I came back, played smart, found power dsm, and a Mace of Disruption of Fury (5d8)(+23,+27)(+2). I couldn't get 8bpr with, so I traded with ascii to get ringil. Ascii king'd taking morgoth in mele in real time as a mage with only heal pots.
Then, with ringil in hand, I king'd for the first time.

After that king, I decided to make a REAL king. Half-Troll Rogue. Best combination ever. He was able to trade for nearly everything he wanted. The only thing he couldn't get was feanor, even though he offered ringil, gondor, and more +10 speed boots (I didn't need ringil, since I already had so much speed). But in the end, the person with feanor just felt like not trading...ah well. So close to perfect.
He was still so strong though, that even though he forgot to put on his +17 damage ring instead of his +6 int ring, he still killed morgy in 12 seconds.

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