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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Hi Warrior, good to see a Mangband developer on this forum. The thing that's always put me off is the old-style # and % signs for walls. Is it possible to configure the new Mangband to display solid walls? If so I might give it a try ...
Hi there Magnate, good to see you too.

Yes, we have been sort of keeping to ourselves all this time (we're sort of like the dwarves when I think about it ) which is kinda crazy in a way, considering that at least we consider our variant very closely related to vanilla, we're simply multiplayer realtime Angband with a few custom features to make the game more playable in our setting.

About the walls, unless you're playing via GCU (console) terminal or something like that you should get the normal solid blocks. The confusion here may be based on some of the screenshots on the old page as well as this one based on an unreleased SDL client from a while back: - it's all solid blocks now.

Here are some more updated screenshots of how it looks these days

I would like to end with saying that you're (everyone is of course) most welcome to come play, currently we have two official servers, one "regular" server and one ironman server where you can only go down, for that extra challenging (and typically, quite short) game.

[Edit] Oh - and for anyone who don't want to play until they know more what it's about - we've got a pretty nice selection of downloadable videos to look at, check it out if you want to, some of them are pretty entertaining for the roguelike mind
-- Mangband Project Team Member

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