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Thanks for the great reply, Warrior. I was a bit shy and only connected to empty servers on purpose so far but this makes me want to meet MAngbanders in-game.

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
Good to see you on the server Nolendil and it's awesome to get such detailed feedback, really appreciate that
You're welcome, I'll try and give more details when I can. These were just a few points that came to my attention after a short session.
However, that's not a promise as I'm quite lazy and might disappear at any time if Real Life requires it
Sorry for reporting issues here and not on your forum, I'll have to create an account there for my future reports.

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
You are right, unfortunately none of the members of our project team use the roguelike keys and to the best of my knowledge not a lot of users do either, but if we got some more detailed feedback on the problems experienced we will definitely try to fix it.
It's a shame, roguelike keyset is The Only True Way to play a roguelike
So far, the broken keys I noticed are 'U' (does nothing) and 'P' (already used for 'P'erusing a book, so it won't open the 'P'arty menu).

> About broken windows
Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
We're aware of this one and it's on our list of things to look at, I'm being told it's related to a "X11 Terminal weirdness"
Mac OS X implementation of X11 is even weirder than most Unix ones, so I was not really surprised.
That's not crucial at low level anyway, I just hope you'll have found a way to fix this when I manage to get below dlvl 3 (i.e. it's not urgent)

> Resizing the main window
Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
We plan to fix this soon.
Great! I was afraid it was done on purpose.

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
Like I hinted at in the reply to Arphod above, a new, major feature that is planned for the next major version (Time bubbles) will deal with this and make the game much more manageable for new players.
Nice idea although I can't see all the consequences of this feature (player exploiting it in some way?).

> Options: cleaning/default values
Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
This has been fixed and while we can't promise you it'll be rolled out immediately it will however be implemented in the next major release.
Also note that options are not saved at all and you have to set them again after logging out and logging in again.
Maybe monster recall history was lost too but I didn't check.

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
Some people haven't updated their servers to 1.1.2 yet so thats probably causing most of the confusion here. There may be some occasional slips, where we've just missed it but we're correcting what we can whenever we become aware of it.
I suspected that I was on a 1.1.1 server when I first noticed that but I saw that also on the official server and on another server that was described as 1.1.2 in the server list.
For instance, the starting screen (with the skull) when you connect to the server says "MAngband 1.1.1 (18th August 2008)".
I couldn't say exactly if and where I found more right now. I'll have to take screenshots next time I encounter a wrong version number.
Maybe using some #define would help keeping the information up to date in all the code more easily? If it's also stored in data, you might want to replace those with a symbol that is replaced by the program version when it's displayed.

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
This is not really correct, since version 1 we've been syncing up with Angband 3.0.6 and should be, for the most part quite identical. We would greatly appreciate anyone posting any missing features either to this thread or preferably to our forums. The main goal of MAngband v1 + is to be multiplayer Angband, and we decided to go for 3.0.6 and try to catch up more recent changes as we go along.
Yes, I read some of the changelogs and noticed that some stuff from more recent versions of V had been added.
However, I still noticed several missing features
I couldn't list them all right now (and maybe there's not a lot of them anyway) but here are some of them that come from the top of my head:
- unified 'm' command to cast spells or prayers (it doesn't work for prayers with roguelike keys at least)
- details in equipment list although I enabled all list related options (it doesn't say what each slot is used for e.g. Wielding/Shooting/On left hand...)
- the '/' command is not supported (in both keysets) to ask for monster recall
It's great to know that you plan to merge improvements in the long run, anyway

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
Dying in MAngband can cause a lot of grief, but when you think about it, isn't it better than instant permadeath? As long as your ghost is intact you can reequip yourself (Say you have a full set of backup equipment in your house) - it really ain't that bad. If you play alone you can often just ask someone else on the server to rescue you - if no one is around people typically make a post in the forums and ask for a rescue, the community is quite friendly and to have your drops stolen is quite unusual. But you're correct about the level resetting if you leave it, thats the whole concept - death is not meant to be easy in any roguelike, but I think our way of dealing with it is very reasonable.
Yes, I was complaining but I agree that it's already nice not to have to start from scratch every time you die
I suppose it's also a way to allow artifacts to be lost and be regenerated for another player a bit more often.

Thanks for reading, I hope to be able to play again soon

P.S.: Sorry for the errors in this post (especially missing words). It's really late here (or should I say early) and even after proofreading several times I still find errors...

P.P.S.: Call me weird but I don't like the solid walls at all, I prefer the oldschool #
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