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Thanks for the new comments Nolendil, and -- if oldschool is weird I think it's safe to say every single *band'er ever is weird too -
Normal people don't see the @ vs P charm at all

(I know you meant roguelike-oldschool though, which is something quite different).

The MAngband project team has expanded a bit lately and interestingly enough it seems that pretty much all of the new faces have experience from playing Moria back in the day, which is pretty interesting as a fun fact but I also think it says a lot about the general roguelike "scene" and about us as a game.

It's always been a priority for us to stay true to the old concepts and "feeling" of things (this goes for staying true to Angband as well as staying true to the earlier/original versions of MAngband, while at the same time making it as enjoyable as possible for those few people "weird" enough to be able to enjoy a game like this

But to be a little specific again:

About the roguelike keyset - we've been looking at this and one simple way to get around it is to first hit the '\' key, then for example 'P' to access the party commands.

About time bubbles - There will be extensive beta testing on this feature and it will not be rolled out until it's ready and we're 100% happy with the behavior. Being a multiplayer game we're lucky enough to have a lot of information available to us as far as player exploits go and the creativity of the players can sometimes go way way beyond what we're able to foresee

About options not saving - That's peculiar, they do for me (just double checked), this has been fixed for years, at least on the windows client. I'll get back to you with more info on the other clients a little later.

About version numbers - I've been cracking the whip and I'm being told this will be fixed with the next server restart

About missing Angband features - Some things are missing, we're *built* on 2.7.9 (IIRC) and that makes it difficult to implement everything, (all though we are closer to the 3.0.6 framework currently, not just in gameplay but also as far as flags and other things go).

As for the monster recall feature specifically it's a difficult matter to deal with, most likely the monster recall would kill more people than it would save, simply because not looking at the screen at all times can be quite lethal, especially in the later game (imagine a pack of time hounds advancing towards you in real time while you're looking at their descriptions). MAngband can be extremely demanding sometimes, almost all stages of the game has it's challenges that will make the player (not only the character) grow a lot, the faster you "learn" the correct play, the faster you will stop dying. But that said, the game is perfectly manageable for someone preferring a slower pace, in early MAngband history very few people played deeper than 1000-1500ft and it took several years before anyone passed 2000ft.

About unified m command - I think (haven't discussed this yet within the team) that it's simply a matter of preference, we feel the m and p are important for historical/nostalgic reasons, priests pray - mages do magic, so though I'm not 100% sure about this, I don't think it's gonna get implemented.

About details in equipment list - I'm not sure what you mean here but it seems to be a cosmetic thing and should be possible to add without much trouble.

And like you said - about death and how it affects artifacts - MAngband decided, long long ago that we wanted to stay true to the Angband artifacts, artifacts are special and should be considered as such so we have not gone the tempting route of adding random artifacts for example, instead we have solved this by creating a few custom items that, if you're lucky, can be generated in combinations of base/ego items that will be reasonably good artifact substitutions, this way, it is possible to play successfully without artifacts while artifacts still can be found that haven't lost their "magic".
-- Mangband Project Team Member
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