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I'll continue...

I realize how Kelek's changes the game for a mage... But it has to be too tough to find as is now... I finally found it on dlvl 80 or so.

Also, what about uniques giving an x% better chance of getting an artifact than if it were randomly generated on the level? Maybe that would help find a few more at low depths, where they are really exciting, as I find them like candy at lvl 80+.

Maybe I'm wrong, but at lower levels, I must have found 90% armor artifacts until I hit about dlvl 40 or so when it started to generate some weapons... Even the cruddy daggers weren't generated until later. Maybe it is just how the dice rolled for me this game, but I used to have better balance.

Vaults - could they generate at least x artifacts per vault, depending on size? I have had some that gave 3-4, including monster kills, and others that produced 0.
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