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Is it working as designed if you ...

.. have to actually carry a map, instead of having it at home (and inspected once), to enter some "restricted" area?

.. are on Caradhras 20 (restricted), and your bag of maps ( 'There and Back Again', Citadel of Isengard, Mountain Caradhras, sunken city of Numenor) seems to allow you to travel directly to (note the surplus space characters!)
   Location                      Level
a) Rivendell                      0
b) the Lonely Mountain (!!)      26-36
c)  Isengard                      3-33
d)  west Moria entrance           6-24
e) the sunken city of Numenor    35-48
I would guess at least the Lonely Mountain, Isengard and Numenor would require a little bit of teleport .... which at least for Numenor worked in a test.
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