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Really cool, poetic post, will save it...

"review your options, whilst taking refreshment." <-= both for real life and ang character life lol

>First question is, what are you drinking at this point? Or eating, or whatever...

For me its usually light coke, 2 liter packages... When i have to sleep i drink Fanta (no caffeine and C vitamin as bonus!)... By 4 am there are already like 5 half-full bottles of coke open by the side of the computer, and i go pick another at the freezer due to forgetting one is there already or they´re too hot. From time to time i put all the bottles in the freezer to cool. No gas is ok, warm is not... Then i wake up at 8 and drink some more coke, and go to work in a state mix between a jumpy horny rabbit and a paranoic irritated cat. When i do not have to work, my life is healty (cuz then i sleep, exercize, etc etc lol)

>Second question is, why didn't you just go to bed?

Light Coke has lots of caffeine too!
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