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What should traps be? IMO traps should be situation-enhancers. Either by creating ingame incentives or "quests" (fix the status effect), or by consuming resources that @ would rather spend elsewhere (HP/MP/consumables/time).

They should be detectable without magic, based on class and skill (I very much like some of the LoS ideas mentioned earlier), and there should always be *some* traps that can only be detected by magic, and some that can only be detected by searching. I think this would challenge all classes more evenly and would force caution while eliminating the "press A to not die" effect.

Direct-damage traps are best left in places where there are also baddies, as are paralysis, blindness, etc. The idea is that these traps are only useful if there's something lurking to finish off the job. I can imagine the later S-types being particularly fond of using traps to soften up their prey (driders, areana (sp?), etc). A direct-damage trap in an area without baddies is basically useless, consuming only turns and/or potions and/or MP necessary to heal. A minor inconvenience but in their current incarnation not really very intimidating.

The other traps should be ones that cause long-term effects that are harder to get rid of by simply consuming a few CCW. The idea would be that accidentally hitting one of these would provide a new immediate goal, much in the way running out of food/torchlight/?recall/etc can cause an @ to give up on what s/he was doing and focus on that for awhile. I find these diversions are fun and add to the experience of the game.

A few ideas for trap effects:

any of Paralysis/Blindness/Darkness/Slowing (combined with summoning...?)

Stoneskin (as the current mixed blessing effect)

Blink (like being stuck wearing a ring of teleport until cured)

Teleport 10 levels up/down

Drain all charges on inventory items

Render one inventory slot (semi)permanently unusable

Erase all mapping/detection of current level

Decoy ESP (grants ESP but also includes many false positives, like hallucination but less completely crazy)

Randomly swap all stats (reversable!)

Change all monsters currently on level to one randomly chosen symbol (maybe excluding monsters in vaults - if possible)
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