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I guess one way you could remove detection without making it too lethal is to restrict the locations where traps can be generated - say if random traps only occur in the squares next to room doorways and around floor objects. That way their placement would seem more intelligent, and players would know where to stop and search if they're playing cautiously, but it wouldn't be very practical to do it every single time.

Alternatively, maybe restrict traps so they only occur in rooms, never hallways, and tweak the 's' search function so that it searches all squares in LoS rather than just the adjacent ones. (Maybe with lower odds of spotting traps in more distant squares?) That way the existing searching skill becomes a more fallible, localised form of detection that everyone can use to varying degrees of effectiveness.

Or, hell, just make the existing detection spells fallible. Instead of flawlessly detecting all traps every time, each trap within the field of the spell has a percentage chance of being detected. (Maybe based on your device/spell fail rate?) I would actually support all forms of detection working like this: the spell shows you most of what's around you, but you can't be fully sure that's all that's there. If you're really nervous, cast the spell multiple times for an improved picture.
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