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Originally Posted by Shockbolt View Post
Could I just use the 32x32.bmp file in the graf folder and scale it up to 64x64 pixels, then add my own tiles ontop of the ones already in that one (removing the ones already there ofcourse)?
That's basically what I did when I was making my 8x16 tileset. It's not necessary to keep the tiles in the same order, but if you change it you'll need to update the tile coordinates in the pref files. The ones used for the 32x32 David Gervais set are graf-dvg.prf (for features, monsters and most objects), flvr-dvg.prf (for the flavoured objects) and xtra-dvg.prf (special player tiles for race/class combinations). The tiles are numbered in hex code in y:x format, so the tile in the top left corner is at 0x80:0x80, the one to the right of it is 0x80:0x81, etc.

Unfortunately, tile dimensions are hard-coded and can't be changed just using pref files, so you need someone to code you an option to use 64x64 tiles. The only way you could test them in-game at the moment would be to shrink them down to half size and use them in place of the 32x32 tiles.
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