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Angbar, Gnome Mage [V 3.0.5] (long maybe?)

All right, in the interest of fast diving reports...
Started with point generated V gnome mage. I have a starting form which leaves me with enough $ to buy a pretty set kit but reduced stats... I'm happy with it that's what counts! (mind you I don't skimp on INT)

Having bumped maggot, bought/sold back various !, I have all four spell books - S&E is left safely at home.

Based on previous history I go downstairs with no enchanted equipment, "just" the first three spellbooks, a couple of phase door scrolls, !clw, WoR. My usual experience is I can replace all personal inventory "off the floor" before hitting CL20.

First dive goes niceley - find an unexpected staff of perceptions which tells me that apart from an inventory full of junk, by 400' I've found a defender trident. Not long after - strangely enough by 450' I had not reached CL9 but HAD managed to get all my food eaten/stolen, so I had to WOR back to the village for some emergency rations... just make it to the general store having quaffed a couple of !CLW in the journey!

Against the grain of a lot of advice floating here and at RGRA, I generally avoid taking spells till I get close to having enough XP to get to CL9: I find that taking enough spells then and casting them can often get me through a personal "rough patch" between my inventory filling up, and being able to cast identify. For some reason if I take the spells as they become available my turn count is consistantly higher to hit CL11 (and that main benefit of a mage - "free identify").

HENCE, in an effort to minimise inventory between CL11 and CL20 - my turn count for CL11 is low, but my turn count then blows out till my max mana / ID fail rate drops considerably.

Upshot: after a second dive, Maggot, Fang, Grip, Brodda are all (+) tombstones.
Turn count: 203k
CLEV: 18
Max Depth: 25 / 1250'

ie I've finished with the first three spellbooks but haven't started on the fourth yet. Only misadventure has led me to having seen the village more than once this game (and as I always do - I am back at the village at the end of this session).

I cleared out a pit when I saw Brodda there - but as has been mentioned the pit was not worth investigating all it did was put me in harms way with little reward (no loot, high risk/xp return).

Other than that: I have had only two levels now where I have used the upstairs, other than that there was one WOR back to town and two journeys down via stairs (second journey back to 450' was not worth wasting a WOR - at CLEV 8 early monsters are easy and there is always a chance of finding some easy ! speed).

My main difficulty in finding SI is past me, as a gnome FA is already sorted, all I have to do now is not get greedy and **run away**!
Now I have ID I hope to get back to DL>CL on my next dive.
Dump is here.
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