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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
One more thing, the sandbox nature of the game. It's nice to be able to do whatever one wants, but iit's too sandboxy for my taste. Once a basic fortress is established, then I need a goal, preferably one that's challenging, else I'll probably just watch TV instead.

When the very beginning of the game is the most fun part... well, the rest can be sort of a let down.
Difficulty in sandbox games is almost always self-imposed. Mechanical / logical challenges while still playing the game were the most fun part to me. Piercing aquifers, a working decontamination system, goblin powered logical circuits, minecarts, reducing the accident rate, recovering an accidentally partly flooded fortress, swimming school without accidents (not as proof of concept but working), quantum stockpiles... The grind down to fps death despite paying a lot of attention to map cleanup, avoidance of animal husbandry, small maps etc. the most frustrating part. What irks me about "streamlined" DF-inspired games, is that the things most fun to me are usually cut out as well.
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